It’s like eating bon bons…

I’m currently reading The Luxe by Anna Godbersen. It’s the first book in the Luxe series. It was recommended to me by many, many people. And for good reason.

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Reading this book is like eating chocolate and sinking into a hot bathtub while an attractive man gives me a pedicure. Seriously. The best way to describe it is “Gossip Girl in 1899.”  If you’re looking for something to read for Do Nothing But Read Day, this book would be a fast-paced, delicious choice.

Note: Yes, I read a lot of young adult literature. So most of my suggestions will be YA lit. However! These books usually start out fast and strong, so they are fast reads. Perfect for a day of reading!


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2 responses to “It’s like eating bon bons…

  • Lilithcat

    I like young adult literature, though it's been decades since I've been a young adult. Little Women is almost an annual read. Lately, I've loved Blue Balliett, Philip Pullman, and Cornelia Funke (gosh, I wish there were a sequel to The Thief Lord!).

  • Amanda Hyphenated

    The Septimus Heap books are really good too… I think there is SO MUCH fantastic stuff for young adults right now. Lucky ducks!

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