The Poles like this idea, too!

Rough (ROUGH) translation from Google Translate:

This morning the fog enveloped the city …
Anyone waiting for the bus, reading a book …
Reader in a fog …
For the younger, modern, English-speaking:
Podczytuję time library, an Australian blog
– Readers in the fog =
– The Blog of The Blue Mountains
City Council Library
in New South Wales, Australia.
I looked on the page, and there an interesting idea
which we incorporate into force, soliciting life.
Amanda Hyphenated —
American student of library science
from Madison, Wisconsin
is campaigning under the slogan:
Amanda suggests that as at 20 December of that year
initiated an annual
DAY doing nothing,
Her dreams to this day
All lovers of books
release from the preparations for Christmas
and give them just read.
To this day became a real holiday,
it is necessary to meet several conditions:
1. you must read more than one book
(may be short stories, which must be counted);
2. You must create comfortable clothes
(recommended pajamas – the equivalent of jammies);
3. No shoes (slippers are ok);
4. you bet a lot of snacks;

Furthermore we provide at:
6. podsypiającego cat;
7. Milusia blanket or cuddly;

In Australia, where the summer in full
with temperatures above 40 ° C
list of things needed to leniuchowania,
looks a little different:

1. swimwear;
2. hat;
3. tilt hood;
4. flip-flops;
5. ice cream and cold drinks;

What more can be collected
around him that day?
Mp3 player,
because when the eyes will have to rest,
is necessary background music and a hammock
(This, at this time of year only the Antipodes).
Let us not be mad
przedświątecznemu madness!
Zafundujmy the exact
Sunday Lelum Polelum book.

It sounds so poetic!


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