Welcome to DNBRD.org!

Hey there, Internetters! This is the new home of Do Nothing But Read Day. You can find out more information about DNBRD by clicking on the “About” link above. Also, if you want to learn more about me (and I’m sure you do), click my name on the right.

I’m not alone with DNBRD anymore! I am being helped out by Steve Wagner, an awesome computer-savvy guy here in Madison. In addition to helping me set up the site, Steve is going to be writing and editing posts. (We also share a birthday, so on June 25, there had better be presents!)

I’m really excited about the future of Do Nothing But Read Day. We’re going to have lots of fun on here, with book reviews, suggestions, and other fun stuff. đŸ˜€


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Amanda K holds a master's degree in Library and Information Studies. She's a housewife, a Planned Parenthood volunteer, a sewist, and an aspiring gourmet home cook. View all posts by Amanda K

2 responses to “Welcome to DNBRD.org!

  • sarariches

    I am in the UK and it is still the 22nd Jan here. Can I join the 24 hour readathon?

    • Steve

      I think you’re looking for the 24-hour readathon that LibraryThing was putting on this weekend. But keep an eye out — we’ll be scheduling at least two more Do Nothing But Read Days for 2010.

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