Winner day! Or, how this thing has changed my life.

I declared today “Winner Day.” I traveled to Hartford, Wisconsin, to meet Caroline Magruder, the winner of the first Do Nothing But Read Day drawing. She brought along her daughter, Jenny.

Let me tell you: I have been looking forward to this since December. When I found out that Caroline won the drawing, I was overjoyed. She had sent me an email asking for more information about Do Nothing But Read Day, and she seemed really cool. When she won, she invited me to have lunch with her in Hartford sometime.

Then the weather punched us all in the face, and we couldn’t get together for a while. A few weeks ago, we decided on today. I said I would command Mother Nature to behave, and behave she did! It was gorgeous in Wisconsin today.

I returned home today after a wonderful lunch at Perc Place (best club sandwich I have ever had) with many, many books on my person. Caroline, sweetheart that she is, gave me three books: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and Garden Spells. She told me, “It’s ‘Be Nice to Amanda Day’!”

Then we went over to the Magruder house where their dog loved up on me (he’s a cuddlemonster) and Jenny proceeded to let me borrow an unprecedented TEN books.

When I started Do Nothing But Read Day, I intended for it to be a fun, casual thing that would maybe involve ten people. I thought, ‘If ten people sign up, I’ll be psyched!’ I was more than psyched because it became HUGE. My tiny idea turned into a blog, which turned into a radio program, which turned into a website.

But another unintended side effect: I made new friends near and far. I formed connections with people I normally never would have met. I have physical representations of friendship in my kitchen right now, namely a gift bag of books and a tote bag full of someone’s personal possessions. That’s trust! That’s a bond! That is just one of the ways Do Nothing But Read Day has changed my life forever. Because I know that I will be friends with Caroline and Jenny for a long, long time.

Thank you for putting up with my mushyness. I’ll post reviews of the books I was given and lent as I read them.

Ideas for Authors I Love or The Reading Life? Want to suggest something else? Shoot me an email.


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One response to “Winner day! Or, how this thing has changed my life.

  • Caroline Magruder

    First, I’m given the perfect excuse to step away from everything and enjoy the luxury of spending a day reading and relaxing (the real R&R!). Then I have the honor and excitement of winning the drawing and subsequently receiving three hand-picked and awesome books. And if that weren’t enough, now I have had the immense pleasure of meeting you in person, Amanda, with your delightful spirit and bubbly energy. Jenny was mesmerized, having finally met someone who shares her passion for books. I enjoyed watching the two of you banter about authors and characters.

    I SO share your thoughts about how one idea has led to connection between people that otherwise would have been missed. Thanks for visiting us in Hartford! Total fun! Oh, and many thanks for setting Mother Nature straight and ordering up the good weather!!!

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