The requirements have changed.

In the past six months, I’ve reevaluated the “rules” that I set for December’s Do Nothing But Read Day. The old rules involved cats and snacks, and they weren’t very inclusive. So from now on, here are the new rules of Do Nothing But Read Day:

  • You have to read. This can be whatever format you want: paperback, hardcover, eBook, newspaper, comic book, etc.
  • You have to enjoy yourself.

That’s it. Read, have fun, repeat. That’s the point, isn’t it?


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One response to “The requirements have changed.

  • skymandr

    As a legacy, why not have something like “five things that will make your DNBR Day”? You could, I imagine, make it a recurring topic; ask authors with an online presence (Neil Gaiman and Rick Dakan come to mind) what they think are necessary complements for a Day of Nothing But Reading. ^^

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