How are you celebrating today?

I’m curious, readers: how have you been celebrating Do Nothing But Read Day today?

Personally, I woke up this morning, did some yoga, and then started reading around 9am. I’ve been taking a break every three hours or so, and it’s going well!

What are your reading habits? What goodies or treats did you eat while reading today? (I had a fantastic cranberry orange scone.) Let me know!


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10 responses to “How are you celebrating today?

  • Sarah N. Fisk

    I went to the farmer’s market and got some fresh fruit to eat while reading. Unfortunately, I have a conference call right now and can’t really read, but it was great while I could!

    I read Scott Westerfeld’s Specials 🙂

    • Amanda Felber

      I didn’t get through all the books I’d planned to get through. In fact I didn’t finish any, but I did read all day long. I read “Friday Night Knitting Club,” caught up on blogs in Google Reader and then watched a foreign film which meant I read subtitles (it felt right, not like cheating).

      The husband and the cat even joined in. It was awesome!

  • Vasilly

    I read a graphic novel, did a little homework, shopped some, and now I’m about to curl up with another read. I have a great meal plan for tonight. Today has been the perfect day for DNBRD!

  • Mary-Justine Lanyon

    I started the day at church, where I played in my handbell ensemble. In between writing articles for my paper (which involved reading my notes), I’ve been reading Three Cups of Tea – fascinating book about a man who took on the education of Pakistani girls.

  • Ash

    I woke up and had breakfast with my family, then I read pretty much straight until three o’clock when I took a nap with my boyfriend, then I read a couple hours until dinner (turkey burgers!) read a couple hours after dinner and had some yummy strawberry sorbet. I took a break to watch Design Star and now I’m continuing the break to catch up on some blogs. I finished The Imperfectionists right away this morning and I’ve mostly been reading The Passage for the rest of the day. Now I’m going to read until bedtime. This has been a lot of fun!

  • Amanda Lanyon-LeSage

    Awesome! I read three whole books today… I think that’s my limit, brainpower-wise. I also ate pizza and went to see Toy Story 3!

  • Corra McFeydon

    I just heard about this!! (A day late.) I read constantly. I’ve added your crest to my sidebar. Until next year, I reckon! 😆

    – Corra

    The Victorian Heroine

  • Alex Draven

    I had a lovely relaxed day – read (obviously) and periodically took breaks to potter around the house, to make it a nicer environment for reading in (cleared off a table, did the dishes, swept and vacumed – that sort of thing.) Oh – and enjoyed a tasty veggie-bacon sandwich over the first novel of the day.

  • Callista

    Well I had all intentions to read all day when I signed up the day before but then that night I was in intense pain and was nauseous and had a headache and I woke up yesterday with vomiting and it continued ALL DAY LONG. I didn’t read ONE WORD. I’m so mad.

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