Favorite reading places

My favorite reading place has changed over the years, and it changes throughout the year, too. In winter, I like a cozy chair, snuggled up with blankets and kitties, but in the summer, I love reading outside. I’m moving this weekend, and my new apartment will have a little outdoor patio that connects to the living room. I suspect this will become my new favorite summer reading place!

What’s your favorite summer reading spot?


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9 responses to “Favorite reading places

  • Kit Kongos

    Honestly? The bathtub. It is the only place I can completely settle after a day of classes, work and whatever else is happening. So just about every night, I climb into the tub and read. This way, I get the chance to read everyday no matter what is going on!

  • Bridget Mahoney

    My favorite place is my big, comfy, white armchair. It has a matching footstool. There isn’t anything better than snuggling into that chair, propping my feet up and cracking open a book!

  • Anne-Marie Freeman

    I’m with you, Amanda, all the way. Don’t have the kitties anymore – but snuggling in a chair with blankie, by the fire in the Winter – nothing better. And…we moved last year to a nice house with stunning garden – the deck is right outside the family room and I lounge around when I can and read while soaking up the sun – aaagh – heaven. Oh and reading in bed every night before sleep – that’s a given.

    I also nerd about Stephen King :).

  • Iain E. Davis

    A comfortable chair in our library–or perhaps just sprawled/lying on the floor of the library, reading a book, surrounded by books nearly on all sides. 🙂

  • Llepke

    The train, I do my best reading on the train. Sometimes I read at the beach but here in Chicago it’s been too hot this summer.

  • Jackie

    The train as I commute 4½ hours a day, and then in the tub – thĂ© place where I can truely relax.

  • Linda Marie Harrison

    I like this topic. Gosh, I have lots of favorite reading spots: my truck (very productive), the beach, the couch, bed. The problem is that they’re all so comfy, I often fall asleep within 15 minutes! Except my truck. I don’t fall asleep there. My search for the #1 favorite continues…

  • Rachel

    I have 2 places.
    On the porch at a cabin in Maine (I read 6 books on vacation).
    The second is in my floaty chair in the pool at the Outer Banks. I usually get through 8 or 9 books when I’m there.

  • Allizabeth Collins

    The porch swing outside my house. It’s comfy and relaxing. I love to settle down with a new, or old, favorite while I am out in the fresh air.

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