Introducing… Marissa Antosh!

For the past year or so, I’ve run all by my lonesome. Planning an international event by one’s self is, to say the least, difficult. Additionally, when I write about books, I usually write about books that I love, and I’m only one person with one set of preferences. That gets boring for you out there!

When I planned the first DNBRD, in 2009, I made a friend on Twitter named Marissa. She and I wrote back and forth, sharing our passion for books and libraries. We’ve never met in person, but I consider her my friend.

And so, a few weeks ago, I invited Marissa to be a part of I’m really excited about this partnership! Marissa is super sweet, intelligent, and lovely. Her contributions will add another perspective to the site.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Marissa! You can learn more about her by clicking this link.


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2 responses to “Introducing… Marissa Antosh!

  • kateshrewsday

    Amanda, just stumbled on this and what an inspired idea. I could get through Three Men in a Boat, or The Trouble With Tom, all in one day! Just curled up in front of the garden window!
    I see with dismay that I have missed DNBRD this August. Nuts. When do you plan to hold another?

  • Amanda Lanyon-LeSage

    Hi Kate! I think the next DNBRD is going to be in December, around the holidays… but it’s going to be a smaller event than August. Maybe just a DNBR Afternoon? 🙂 Everyone needs a little break that time of year.

    I’m glad you found us! I’ll post the details about December in a month or so, but until then, check back for book reviews and such!

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