Geek Out: Yarn

A more appropriate title for this might be Geek Out: Art and Craftiness, but I chose yarn specifically because it’s been on my mind, like, today.

I LOVE YARN. I have too much of it. I specifically like sock yarn because I love to knit socks. What is geekier than knitting socks? Not much, especially if you sit home weekend nights knitting socks and watching TV. I have so many socks that I knitted for myself that my sock drawer is FULL. If I lived in Alaska, it might make sense to have this many warm, cozy, handknit socks. But I live in Connecticut, where it is temperate most of the year.

I also geek out about sheep. Not in a weird, yucky way, but in a “AWW! SHEEP ARE SO CUTE!” way. Ask my friend Andrea, who made the mistake of letting me into the sheep building at the Big E last year. I think we were there at least an hour? Maybe two? And I pet the sheep and talked to all the knitting and yarn people.

So for knitting books, I highly recommend the always informative and hilarious Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I also (today!) started a book by Catherine Friend called Sheepish which describes her experience living on a sheep farm.

That’s just one of my geek-outs. Any other yarn fans out there?


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One response to “Geek Out: Yarn

  • lifewithfelber

    Yarn! One of the best things ever! I’m also a fan of knitting socks, though I’ve recently started knitting baby leg warmers. No heel to turn which means I can watch TV or be social and not have to think much about the project.

    Having said that, I currently need to bring my stash down considerably, but buying new yarn is so much fun!

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