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Editor’s Note: I know this is a site about doing nothing but reading, but let’s be honest: we fill our time with lots of other activities! This is a new feature, Geek Out, in which Marissa and I will tell you about the other things in our lives that we love.

I am mildly obsessed with baking cookies, cakes, pies, etc. Not that I actually do all of that, really, but I think I’m obsessed with the idea.

My boyfriend is in graduate school for his MBA, so he’s a really busy guy to say the least. To make him feel like he’s at home when he’s learning about dividends or whatever, I’ve been trying to bake little treats for him to take to school. The bonus is that I also get to eat them.

Baking not only makes me feel useful, but it’s sort of like magic. (Or as my favorite webcomic says, “Baking is science for hungry people!”) You can’t mess around with baked goods as much as you can with cooking. If you’re making a chicken dish, and oops, there’s not enough cream of mushroom soup, you can find something to replace it. In baking, substitutions sound more like chemistry equations.

My house smells amazing right now because I just made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate chips. I used the recipe on the Quaker Oats canister, but substituted (don’t worry, it’s one of those easy ones) some delicious chocolate for the evil raisins. I also used less sugar, because a cup and a half (3/4 brown, 1/2 white) seemed like a lot. They are amazing. I’m going to keep them in my adorable monkey cookie jar, and add them to his bagged lunches!

Question for you!

What’s your favorite cookie recipe?


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