Amanda Lanyon-LeSage

Amanda Lanyon-LeSage was born and raised in Northern New Jersey, yet she doesn’t have a New Jersey accent. From a young age, she consumed books with zeal. She considered several career paths, including ornithologist, ophthalmologist, actress, writer, and Egyptologist, before getting a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Iowa.

After receiving her diploma, Amanda felt somewhat lost. She considered going to graduate school for cultural anthropology, but although she loved her undergraduate work, she couldn’t picture herself as a professor. Amanda worked at a coffee shop for a year while she planned things out. One day, it hit her like a ton of awesome bricks: library school! Why had she never thought of this before?

Amanda is now finished with library school at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She graduated with honors in May 2010 with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies. Her focus was on young adult services, specifically teenagers. She’s currently working on revamping the DNBRD website/concept, as well as doing local theater in Madison, WI.

However, all of that is code for “currently unemployed,” so mostly, Amanda cooks delicious food and crafts awesome stuff.

Some of Amanda’s favorite authors are:

Stephen King
Shirley Jackson
Michael Crichton
John Green

and many more!

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