Two Years and Counting!!

As my lovely colleague Marissa reminded me, today is the two year anniversary of the very first Do Nothing But Read Day. I spent a very snowy December 20, 2009, curled up in an easy chair, reading young adult fiction. This past summer’s DNBRD, I lounged outside on my porch, reading some Gary Shteyngart. We’re taking a little DNBRD break this holiday season, but don’t fear! I’m planning for a springtime DNBRD, which will be perfect for breaking in hammocks and picnic blankets everywhere.


How have you spent past DNBRDs? Are you having your own DNBRD anytime soon? Let us know! And sincerely, from the bottom of our book-loving, library-obsessed hearts, thank you for reading.


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2 responses to “Two Years and Counting!!

  • Tami

    I’m declaring Do Nothing But Read Week at our house as soon as Christmas is over. Inventory time at work so everyone else in the office will be out in the plant counting things while I’m alone in the office to man the phone – which means free reading time for me even at work!

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  • Amanda Lanyon-LeSage

    Thanks, Tami! I have a feeling I have a very exciting Christmas present to review for this site… 😀

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